Friday, February 1, 2013

my san francisco pieces!

so i am sure you all think that i have fallen off of the face of the earth (again).  my etsy shop even disappeared for a little while due to a billing snafu.  but, the truth is i have holed up and hunkered down to work on these pieces for the san francisco gallery.  i had planned to hand-deliver everything to the owner, but due to illness (mine and the girls) and a broken car (needed a new ignition), i had to cancel the trip and mail the pieces instead.

the mad magic cuff,
with astounding labradorite

and charles bukowski quote inside
"she's mad but she's magic.  there's no lie in her fire."
i love that.

this sucker is BIG.

the trust, believe, intend, create bracelet,
with rainbow moonstone, rutilated quartz, rose cut labradorite, turkish dendritic opal, and prehnite with epidote

a child of the universe bracelet,
with golden prehnite

a bloom set, with necklace bracelet and earrings
(thanks, teresa!)

a variety of necklaces, including...

 a new plunge necklace,
with gorgeous labradorite

and matching earrings

an amethyst love heals necklace, with wire-wrapped chain and matching inner circle earrings

a lantern pod necklace and earring set

other various lanterns

some charm necklaces

a without darkness necklace,
with laguna agate and an amethyst flower

 a your authentic self necklace,
with a tension-set rose cut rainbow moonstone and
four bezel-set kyanite rivets

a new mandala necklace
with rose cut labradorite and ruby

and everybodyfields' lyrics on the back

an assortment of rings

as well as some stackers

and a lot of earrings

my favorite of which are these,
the crescendo earrings,
with amethyst, green tourmaline, and iolite


i put each piece in a bag with a card with an item #, description, and wholesale price.

then all of the bags went into this box.

which then went into this box.  
and it is on its way!

so please cross your fingers for me!

i met with the president of these galleries in october and he really liked my work.  he asked me to send these samples so that he can share them with his managers and determine IF they will carry it and if so, which of the galleries they will carry it in.  i should know by next week and i will let you know then!

i will take my etsy shop out of vacation mode tomorrow and i have a few new pieces to list.  and then i promise more stuff will be added soon.  in addition, if it turns out that the san francisco galleries will not be carrying my work, these pieces shown here will also be available in the etsy shop.


Niky Sayers said...

So many beautiful things to look at, just wow!

Tracy said...

Kristie you are magic. Straight up magic. These pieces gave me chills, and a few even brought tears to my eyes. I am so blown away.

6512 and growing said...

you have worked so hard!

Rag and Stone said...

WOOOOOWWW! You be a BUSY girl! Good Luck Kristi, your work is always stunning and inspiring...cheers to new horizons : )