Saturday, February 2, 2013

new pieces for the etsy shop

the niagara in a barrel necklace,
with kyanite, prehnite, aquamarine, and artisan glass
(the center kyanite bead has actually been bezel-set on both ends with a little bead cap construction that i made and am quite proud of if i do say so myself.)

little bead caps for some of the other beads as well, lantern style

it's a nice short length and i really like how it wears.

the always caught in between necklace,
with a sweet puffy rainbow moonstone

and joseph arthur lyrics on the back

an aqua colored lantern necklace

a new little labradorite bloom made with pmc

an amethyst heart trio charm necklace

and a blooming heart trio charm necklace

a sweet little heart pmc necklace

some amethyst bloom earrings

and some periwinkle lantern earrings

all of these pieces will be trickling into the etsy shop throughout the day.

and special thanks so my darling photographer, hazel, for all of her hard work.

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