Monday, October 14, 2013

this is banjo (or maybe just jo?)

i recently drove to denver and adopted this little guy from the maxfund shelter. he is 9 months old and is evidently a long haired chihuhua/ papillon mix. he is the sweetest guy ever. he came with the name banjo, but i have been calling him jo. glenn and june however insist that his name remain banjo.


i had been casually looking for a new dog for a few months, but i wanted to wait until olive was at least two years old. i saw this guy on the maxfund website and was shocked at how much he looked like a little brown olive. my dear parents (who live in denver) went to meet him for me to get a feel for him for me before i drove all the way up there myself. they fell in love with him. so i went through the adoption process and drove up and got him 10 days ago. when i first saw him i was surprised at how small he was. from his photos i had judged him to be about the same size as olive. in truth, olive weighs 12 lbs and he weighs 6!
he is so delightful. he is mellow and calm. if it weren't for his sharp little puppy teeth i would think the folks at the shelter had made a mistake and he was actually much older than 9 months. i am already very much in love with him. i think olive is starting to get over her initial jealousy and is warming up to him. he's a wonderful little addition to our family.


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