Sunday, November 3, 2013

bridges national monument

last weekend we went camping in bridges national monument. it is such an amazing place! last year we took a day trip there while camping nearby and decided to go back this year and spend more time. we camped in the park and we were able to hike to all three bridges. we had a great time.

owachamo bridge, the oldest one
kachina bridge, the newest
the girls made sand angels
and sipapu bridge
the dogs weren't allowed on the hikes but they still had a great time. (i am loving little jo so much; he's such a great little member of the family.)
we took a little side trip to lake powell, because i had never been there.
the deserts of utah have always been very magical places to me. this trip was very healing and i hope to carry the love and warmth with me through the winter, until i can return again.


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traci said...

These are awesome! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time :) love you all. xoxo