Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mixed metal/ giveaway and facebook promotion


so these are my new mixed metal pieces, the ones i alluded to before, with the poll. i love the way they have turned out, such a nice mix of colors. the charms were all made using art clay- copper, bronze, and silver.
so, the giveaway. i am giving away one of these mixed metal specimen necklaces. i want to do an experiment. everyone keeps telling me that facebook is the best way to promote your business. so far, that has not been my expereince. so i want to try something. in order to enter the giveaway, first please like my facebook page if you haven't already done so. (my facebook business page is silver sparrow. i'm not the only silver sparrow on facebook, but i think i'm the only one in all lower case letters.) then, once you've liked my page, please share the post that talks about this giveaway. to keep things simple for me, leave a comment on the post telling me you shared it. THEN, if any of your friends share it, they will be entered in the giveaway and you will be entered again, etc. just make sure to leave a comment letting me know, so i have all the entries in one place. yes?
the mixed metal specimen necklace no.1
copper moon face, bronze heart, silver fern
you can find it here.
mixed metal specimen necklace no.2
copper feather, bronze disc with a sapphire, silver heart with a ruby
you can find this one here.
mixed metal specimen necklace no. 3
copper feather, silver lotus, bronze heart
and you can find it here.


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Debra Pearlstein said...

Your art is just stunning. I'm loving the designs, creativity and the way everything looks beautiful together with the mixed metals. I shared and also commented on your FB page - debra pearlstein