Friday, June 27, 2014


hello!  happy summer!  i recently made many items for an upcoming show.  however, for a certain reason that i am not yet ready to disclose, i ended up not doing the show.  so, i have very many new pieces in the etsy shop.

there are these earrings:

and these bracelets:

a little more detail on the bracelets

also these rings:

and these necklaces:

remember this photo, from a few year's ago?

first aid kit is hazel's very most favorite band.  she named two of our chickens after them, klara and johanna.  she also sang their song, king of the world, in her school talent show this year.  so i took her on a 9-year-old-birthday-girl-road-trip to good ol' omaha, nebraska to see them.

we were not able to meet them again like we did in newport, but i was able to get her as close to the stage as she could possibly be, with earplugs of course.

she was absolutely delighted.

and we had so much fun.

she was a wonderful traveling companion.  (as was jo)

and olive, in her own little way.

hazel and i stayed for a few days and had a blast.  our campground had a lot of fun stuff to do, we went shopping, we went and saw maleficent (which i adored, by the way) 

and we went to the omaha zoo, which is absolutely the most amazing zoo i have ever been to.  if you ever get the chance, you really should check it out.

and, as luck would have it, conor oberst was also playing in omaha two days later, so we also went to see him.  he was amazing as usual.

then we returned back to denver, where juniper was waiting with my parents.  we had some really wonderful time with parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins.

my dad and his beloved olive

all the marcille ladies


and mom and i went shopping together

also while in denver we got this precious little russian tortoise, elliott

and when we got home we adopted this amazing little bunny for juniper whom she has dubbed pipkin pumpkin finnegan parsnip smith.

things are well around here, as you can see.  we are currently undergoing a massive overhaul of the backyard.  can't wait to share the results with you.

hope all of you lovely people are well.

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pencilfox said...

such a productive summer for you, so far….!

great new jewelry pieces.
and love the photos of your girls in their busy summertime activities!