Tuesday, January 5, 2016

she's here!

   little miss dorothy lynn has finally arrived!

she was born on october 12th. although she had been head down and ready to go for weeks, when we got to the hospital to deliver, she was breech. i ended up having a c-section, which was pretty traumatic, and dorothy had a brief nicu stay. she also had to be on oxygen for a couple weeks.

but now she is doing great!

she is a very very special soul.

although i've been through this twice already, it still came as a huge shock to me how much i immediately loved her.

she has just fit right in with us and now our little family is complete.  already it is so hard to remember or even imagine life without her.

and, of course, hazel and june are amazing big sisters. they are so good with her, and she already adores them.


happy new year to all of you! 

i hope this is a wonderful year for you.




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