Saturday, March 12, 2016

silver sparrow dog tags

did you know i also make dog tags?  i have reopened my shop, silver sparrow dog tags!  you can find it here:  

i am promoting this shop by offering a giveaway- one free tag of your choice.  just share the link on any of your social media sites and leave a comment to let me know you did.  also, you can use (and offer when you share) the coupon code "blog15" for a 15% discount on your purchase.

i am so happy to be creating again.  i have moved part of my studio inside, into my sewing room.  now i can cut, file, stamp, design, etc. inside with dorothy.  i left the soldering and the chemicals in my  outside studio.

in other news, little miss dorothy is 5 months old today!

she is so completely amazing and brings all of us so much joy.

and hazel and june had crazy hair day at school yesterday.

i hope you are all doing well. ❤️

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