Wednesday, December 9, 2009

THE necklace

for a while now i have been thinking about a design for a necklace just for myself. i knew i wanted it to be a variation of the maven soul design, but couldn't exactly come up with the specifics. i did a lot of sketching on our recent road trip and it finally came together. it is full of very meaningful and personal symbolism.

i am on a bit of a (for fear of sounding cheesy) spiritual quest right now. i needed a powerful necklace to help me through it. i very carefully chose these stones. aquamarine offers courage, knowledge of self, and recognition of how you got to be where you are. prehnite is a stone for dreaming and remembering and helps you to be prepared for what's coming.

smoky quartz is amazing. it dissolves emotional blockages, clears worry, offers protection from negativity, helps with grounding, and (get this) "promotes personal pride & joy in living". and moonstone, always a favorite: balancing, introspective, "new beginnings", helps with recognizing and balancing cycles, alleviates emotional tension, stimulates confidence...

i stayed up until 2 am making this piece. i constructed it from many layers of thick sterling sheet, and it is so heavy and delicious. i literally cannot keep my hands off it. it has such a wonderful feel to it and i have never been happier with how a piece turned out. this one may never leave my neck! i bought a fancy 4 mm snake chain for it, but due to the crazy winter storm we just had, my trusty ups guy did not come yesterday.


Janell Armstrong said...

Hi! My name is Janell and I don't think I have ever left a comment before. I have to say that I love your necklace (and all you create)! I was touched by the meaning you described in all of those stones. They are all my favorites as well. I am in the design process of a smoky quartz ring for myself. I love being able to make myself jewelry for personal encouragement and a reminder for strength, courage, etc. Jewelry can be such a powerful tool for "getting through". Good luck to you on your quest! I am sure your new necklace will bring peace and comfort.

littlecherryhill said...

What a great piece! I love jewelry that has that weighty feel! Makes it seem like you are getting something really special!