Monday, December 21, 2009

olive you

i had a wonderfully productive day in the studio yesterday, finishing up some pieces, and then we went for an awesome family ski.

the "marshlands" necklace, with prehnite and rutilated quartz

the "strength" bracelet, with turquoise

the "nesting" lantern pod necklace

the "remember your whimsy" bracelet, with crazy lace agate

the "float like a feather" necklace, with lepidolite
(nice boob shot, huh?)

the "olive you" lantern pod necklace

and the "wintergreen" lantern pod necklace

we went for a fabulous family ski at the hillcrest golf course in durango. hazel skied for a bit and also rode in the sled. june rode in the backpack and the sled. everyone had a really good time, which isn't always the case!

juniper lounging

the ski bunny

i don't usually ski in jeans, but we were meeting a friend for dinner after and it was a bit easier that way. not very comfortable though, and they kept falling down...

i think we decided we are going to go for a family ski up in telluride on christmas day!


Racheletto said...

thinking of all of you Etsians.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

yes. i read that article. it's really just all about balance. that is the daily struggle...