Tuesday, December 8, 2009


we had such a wonderful time in phoenix. it was warm and sunny (i got to wear chacos and a t-shirt the whole time). it was great to have so much time with the girls, since i know i am going to be very busy making guitar picks for the next 2 weeks!

we went to the zoo...

here are the little navigators, with their zoo maps, planning our route

these guys were fun because they are life-sized versions of one of the girls' very favorite toys, the fisher price farm house

there were 6 generations of these female orangoutangs in this habitat. so fascinating to watch them!

this guy was my favorite. we sat and watched him for a while, so very much like a house cat.

and you just gotta love the giraffes.

[as an aside here, i just have to say that i have a love/hate relationship with zoos. i hate to see the animals so enclosed and i find myself feeling so sad for them that they are not in their natural habitat. it particularly breaks my heart when i see a majestic animal like the bald eagle, that flies freely all around the area where i live, in a small cage. but, at the same time, i know that in our world today, many animals just don't stand a chance in the wild anymore and i appreciate the fact that zoos do make concerted efforts at conservation. and, of course, i love that i can get a chance to observe these guys.]

and we went to the kids' museum...

where, among other things, the girls got to make pretend pizza.

we went out to lunch with glenn, in between his classes.

and we went for a great desert hike...

and the girls watched t.v. in the hotel...

we don't have television at home. so whenever we are somewhere where there is one, the girls are fascinated with it. on this particular trip, we watched a lot of the teeny bopper nickelodeon show "icarly". by the end, june was sitting in front of the t.v. saying "collie"...

and here are the girls, goofing off and so happy to be home!

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