Friday, March 12, 2010

can't hardly wait!

just wanted to say good morning to you all! it is a gorgeous day here. the sun is shining. the birds are chirping. there is, in fact, what i believe to be a red-winged blackbird hanging out in my neighbors tree. it is making the most beautiful song, a song that always tells me spring is on its' way just as surely as nightfall. i also am delighted because i get 10 whole hours in the studio today! i seriously am about to just run out there in my bathrobe. i can't wait another second. my head is simply bursting with ideas, like a watering can that got overfilled. i've been jotting down ideas and making sketches all over the place this morning. here is one, on the back of one of my business cards:

it will be a sort of nouveau-ish flower with a gorgeous pink peruvian opal and a handcrafted link chain with fabulous chunky faceted peridot beads...

like i had with the "muchness" piece (which a wonderful lady that also exhibits her work at the artisans cooperative gallery i am a member of just bought), i've been having a completely overwhelming need to make these designs. i am not thinking about what people will buy or how much a piece will cost or if the color combinations are ones that folks desire. i am simply feeling that i must make these pieces. they have to be created. whatever happens after that is great. it used to be that i only felt like this about pieces i was making for myself. i think i am having a kind of a transition as an artist. i am quite excited about it!

also, hazel had an art show at her school last night. it was so sweet!
her teacher told me "hazel is such a little artist, just like her mom."

well, i will be reporting back to you this evening to show you my new creations!
have a wonderful day!

p.s. thanks so much to those of you who had advice regarding my last post. i deleted it because i felt perhaps it was a bit inappropriate...)

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susie said...

Enjoy - can't wait to see what you make today! Spring is creeping into the midwest too, at night the frogs are already singing, won't be long now.

I have three days off work, so I'm hoping to make myself a hyacinth inspired ring and a bracelet- feel free to commence with the soldering advise :)

p.s. Ordered the book you recommended, thanks. Enjoy your weekend.