Tuesday, March 23, 2010

to help you find your way...

when you are hiking in an area where the trail is not especially obvious, like a red rock slope or a scree covered mountain, you will often find a cairn waiting for you, to help you find your way.

these signposts reassure you that you are heading in the right direction. you are not lost. you have stayed the course.

other times, stone cairns can be used to mark a significant spot, a spectacular view, a fork in the trail, a good swimming spot, etc.

the symbolism of a cairn is beautiful. i wanted to make a piece that would offer you a simple reminder that you are going the right way or perhaps it will be to mark a significant even in your life, or simply to remind you to get outside! whatever its' meaning for you, i have a hunch that you will caress it constantly; it feels delicate and delectable.

i have been brainstorming ideas for "desert-y" pieces i could make for moab~ sego lilies, arches, cactus? and i ran into a friend the other day who inquired about a cairn necklace. hello! i am so excited about it... i m going to make a bunch of them, in all shapes and sizes, every one unique and special. i know it's quite a bit smaller than my usual pieces, but this baby's got mass. it is quite heavy. let me know what you think please, my dears.

and here are some photos of our lovely ski saturday. although it is certainly well on its' way to being spring here, it is still full-on winter up at lizard head pass.

and, emma tagged me with a "circle of friends" award. i am to name five things that i love and then tag 5 other fellow bloggers. (sorry, rachel, you tagged me with one like this, with 10 things and i didn't do it. please forgive me!)

1. my sweet, darling husband
2. my precious, beautiful girls
3. making beautiful things from raw silver, stone, and glass
4. where i live, for so many reasons
5. honest, true, soulful expression, in whatever form it takes

i am tagging susie, rachel cain, cathy, janell, and poppy q

my day in the studio was cut short today because junebug's a bit sick and i had to pick her up from daycare (will probably be taking her to the doc tomorrow). however, FRIDAY ought to be a real and true full day in the shop. seems like it's been forever!


6512 and growing said...

When I first went to Utah and started seeing those cairns I thought someone with OCD needed a project and got busy with rocks (something Col might do).

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I'd been toying with the idea of stacked silver 'stones' myself recently, amidst my distraction and general "Oh I'm such a rotten jeweller!" musings and I'm so glad you came up with your version! I love your work, it has a special kind of magic to it, but these, one of these I might have to have. They're absolutely beautiful and the story behind them and the feeling, of not giving up, that the way isn't lost, is one I'm very much in need of right now.

Who needs food anyway??

Janell Armstrong said...

I love the cairn piece! The size is perfect for everyday wear. And a piece like that is something I think most people would buy to cherish/remember a moment and therefore want to wear often. It looks weighty. I noticed you tagged a Janell for the "circle of friends" thing...this might sound lame and make me look kinda dumb, but is that Janell me? There aren't many Janells out there and I've made the assumption before that any Janell is me. So, please, whether yes or no, let me know so I can pass along the love (or not : ) Take care!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

rachel~ remember the fabulous cairns that used to be at the bottom of the junction creek trail? right by the creek? i used to fancy myself hiding in the trees, waiting to catch a glimpse of the person/people/fairies/gnomes that constructed them...

thank you mirein! please do not give up food. contact me if you'd like me to make one for you; we could certainly work something out ;~)

and janell, yes, m'dear, that is you!

Janell Armstrong said...

Awww, Thanks Christy. That made my day : )