Thursday, August 26, 2010

...among the white storks...

you probably remember the video for "her eyes dart round" by the felice brothers that i posted awhile ago? this piece is to honor that song. (the video's down below in case you'd like to watch it again.)

ooh my love is a light as a dove
and her skin is fair and dark is her hair.
and her eyes dart round and fall on the ground
and her lips move along to an old country song.

well down south you'll find among the high pines
an old liquor store where we danced on the floor
oh the light on the wall, it brightens the hall
but the room in the back is quiet and black.

what keeps me alive is the green in her eyes
and the sweet distant drone of her voice on the phone
can i hear in death your voice and your breath?
can i hear them sounds in life underground?

(prehnite, iolite, aquamarine, and smoky quartz)

lightly she walks among the white storks.
and craning her neck, she steps from the deck.
could i bow in the sand to your lily white hand?
can my head gently rest in your lily white breast?
(yes, i accidentally put "gently"...)

i've made this piece for the upcoming durango arts festival. i am planning to make several more such "statement pieces". what do you think?

also, thank you so much to all of you who left comments or sent e-mails and convos regarding my hazel post. it really truly, sincerely means so much to me to have your lovely feedback. i appreciate you so much!


Emily said...

What am I doing up at 3:00 in the morning....oh, you know, just catching up on my blog reading :) Just kidding. No, I'm sitting here nursing a little babe in my arms who's not feeling so well AND catching up on my blog reading. I just read your friend Rachel's post that you had a link to in your last post. Just so you know, I cried like a baby too reading about her little one going off to Kindergarten so don't feel bad that you cried. I think she's just a good writer that could make anyone cry :) plus my 4 year old is going off to pre-school next week so that may have had something to do with it. Good night! P.S. LOVE the statement piece... amazing talent as always!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a statement piece...gorgeous!

susie said...

That piece is truly special, so well executing and conveying such emotion. You definitely succeeded in making a statement piece that will mean a lot to someone.

Motherhood is tough. I still cried a little when I sent my son off to fourth grade. I have a lot of guilt about working. I hate my Jason having to go back to school where he struggles and feels like he doesn't fit in. I just want to keep both my little chickies close to the nest and fill their little hearts with unconditional love and protect them from the world. I watch them grow and rise to challenges with both awe and regret. I'm always wondering if we are doing enough and giving them all of the tools they need to be well-adjusted happy grown-ups someday. I guess that's what it is to be a parent. Good luck to you all with Hazel's first school year.

Laura said...

This is wonderful! For me as a creative-type, it's really cool to see how the song went through you and turned into jewelry. A really awesome piece of jewelry too. Can't wait to see more. See you at big kid school on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I think that's one of my favourite pieces of yours to date. Beautiful. And with so much depth and meaning to it.