Sunday, August 8, 2010

camping, music, family, friends, and fun

so this weekend we went camping at the 11th annual "pickers reunion" just outside of mancos, co. this is a wonderful event and folks come from all over to get together and play music.

by the end of the weekend, the girls had became known as "the watermelon girls"

the gathering took place on a lovely lake

everywhere you went, people were playing music

glenn had a great time playing with some other fiddle players and learned some new songs.

there were plenty of guitars, banjos, fiddles, basses, mandolins...

a dobro

and even an accordion (this guy, quinny, was so cool!)

glenn got to hang out with a lot of old friends

i made some great new friends.

so did hazel. (thanks, erik, you're the best!)

we pretty much couldn't keep the girls out of erik's van. (we might be in the market for one...)

there is even a stage where amateur bands sign up to play 30 minute slots.

when glenn's band played, can you guess who the #1 fans were?

they danced in the rain

until they got special backstage passes

smores for breakfast!

simon had a blast!

it was a really awesome weekend! and the truly coolest thing that happened was that i finally, for the first time ever, played music with somebody other than glenn. late last night there was just a small group of people sitting around the fire and i played "her eyes dart round" (that felice brothers song i had a video of a few weeks ago). and all of a sudden i realized that everyone had stopped talking and was listening to me and it was crazy. folks were so receptive and supportive and it felt so good that i played quite a few more. then i got all of this lovely feedback today from people who had been listening from tents and campers and it was just really cool. i've always been super-self-concious about my voice. it was very liberating to open up like that and it was such a sweet group of people to do it with.

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Anonymous said...

What a great weekend all round, being with like-minded people, especially when music is involved is just about the best, I think. I'm so envious! And what a lovely thing to get such a fantastic response from the people who heard you!

Oh and I do love that van...