Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i had a beautiful day in the shop today.

i got to make four pieces, from start to finish, today. it was a great feeling, as i have not really had a day like that in a while.

this is the "all growth" bracelet.

it is comprised of silver, prehnite with epidote, rutilated quartz, and turkish dendritic chalcedony. i made every single piece of this bracelet, the chain, the clasp, all 43 solder joints...

each of the stones is light and lovely, with a bit of dark mixed in.

like its sister ring, it has henry miller's "all growth is a leap in the dark" on the back.
(yes, i am continuing with my theme as of late...)

it feels so nice and weighty on my wrist.

and i made a new "flapper" bracelet.
this one has a gorgeous checkerboard moonstone, labradorite, crazy lace agate, and a small beautiful, natural, pale, faceted lavender chalcedony

grace. tranquility. love.

also, another "griffin" necklace

with a lovely chalcedony

and this here is the "contentment" ring.

with a fantastic amethyst

although you cannot see it, sadly, this stone cracked while i was setting it. (it seems to happen to the best of them.) the crack is perfectly harmless, but because it is there, i will be offering this one at a reduced rate.

well, there you have it, i am off to list them in the shop now.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. How on earth did you manage to get so much done?! I'm seriously impressed!

Mama Zen said...

These are just stunning!