Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a desert camp

we had a wonderful excursion last weekend to celebrate glenn's birthday. we went with some dear friends from durango to the same beautiful place glenn and i went last fall.

happy birthday, dear!

we had such a great time. very exciting for the girls, we went with a boy (obviously a very brave boy, that col) so they got to do things they don't usually do when we camp...

like chop firewood...

and fish.

the fabulous rachel (my friend since i was 18 years old) made glenn brownies for his birthday.

not to mention the simply scrumptious dutch oven breakfast she and dan made, with elk sausage, eggs from their chickens, green onions and chives from their garden, homemade cheese, and, of course, fresh baked bread.

the girls love rosie.

rachel is a much better writer than i am; you can read her account of this trip here.

i hope you all had wonderful weekends as well. also, i found out today that i got accepted to do the durango autumn arts festival again this year; i am very honored and excited!

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