Sunday, May 1, 2011

lady day

this is the new necklace that i made for myself:
a luna moth, which symbolizes transformation, naturally, but also soaring through the darkness. they fly at night, they embrace the blackness. and, for their brief passionate lives, they thrive. another important thing to note is that they, like all of their moth brethren, are inexplicably drawn towards the light, against all odds, right?,
with amazing spectrolite, smoky quartz, and faceted chalcedony

the little circles around the edges are actually the holes that i punched out when i made ian felice's finger picks.

a pmc heart dangles from the back.

although i absolutely adore every song that ian felice has ever written, i love "lady day" the very best. it is my favorite song. (yes, it's playing right now.) i could be wrong, but i do not think he's singing about an actual lady. the reason i love this song so much is that i think he is singing about what it is that pulls him out of the darkness, what keeps him going, what brings him hope. i love the contrast of the luna moth image with the words for lady "day".

Even if I’m sick in bed with a towel around my head
Even if I’m feeling blue and crying is all I do
I know she’ll be there beside of me
Lady Day, please wont you stay, my Lady Day

Even if the sea does rise and there’s waves up to the skies
And the evening bells wont ring no matter how you pull the thing
I know she’ll find some way to soothe my mind
Lady Day, please wont you stay, my Lady Day

Even if the nightbird sings some foul and tempered thing
And it wakes me from a dream of booze and nicotine
I know she’ll be there beside of me
Lady Day, please wont you stay, my Lady Day

Even if the world turns white and the night turns into night
And there’s rebels on the beach exchanging weapons each to each
I know she’ll find some way to soothe my mind
Lady Day, please won’t you stay, my Lady Day

Even if I get sick as hell and I never do get well
And at last my heart does fail and to some golden city sail
I won’t much care to love no angel there
Lady Day, please wont you stay, my Lady Day

and these are the pieces that i made today.

a new grace ring,
with a fabulous chrysoprase triangle

there's a little scalloped backplate and i ruffled the edges, ever so slightly.

a new "resolve" necklace,
with a beautiful rose cut labradorite.

the blue flash is amazing!

this is the "connect" ring,
with a pavilion cut peruvian opal

peruvian opal is said to help foster connection between people who are meant to connect.

the color is creamy and glorious.

and a little flower stack,
in periwinkle and gold

so, we did not go camping this weekend; it was very cold and extremely windy. spring in southwest colorado. instead we had a nice weekend at home. yesterday we went to trimble hot springs in durango and today we went and saw a 3-D movie.

i hope that you all had a great weekend.
i'm off to salt lake and denver tomorrow. i can't wait!


nancycreations said...

So cool to know others love a lunar moth as much as I do. once I saw one on my glass sliding door, it was so huge I told everyone it was a night fairy, now in my wild imagination I am positive there is a connection between them and the night fairys, who knows maybe a little fairy rides upon them. They are definetly the most magical thing I have ever seen. I love the new pieces they are fantastic. but of course your piece is extremely cool. Now I am practising repousse and chasing for some new direction. nancy

CrashingBison said...

Everything is all SOOOO beautiful Krisi!!
Your work is marvelous!!