Thursday, April 28, 2011


lots to tell you today! first of all, i went over to patty's on tuesday and made some new pmc charms. i'm very excited about them!

this is the "live your love" charm necklace,
with fine and sterling silver, labradorite, artisan glass and deerhide lacing

i just love this little jumble. it's quite heavy and fun to mess with.

i have a fabulous friend melynda that i can't wait to tell you all about. she is an AMAZING designer/ seamstress. she makes incredibly beautiful clothes. anyway, she asked me if i would model some of her items and came over today to takes some photos. she snapped this one for me with the necklace on. she made the tank (from a recycled t-shirt) and the skirt. more about her later!

this one is so cool! this is a vintage glass cameo, in relief. the clear glass is frosted, giving it a wonderful look and feel. when you first look at it, it appears to be an elegant mother playing with her child. but when you look closer you see the baby actually as wings, a sweet little cherub. don't we all want to think of our children as little angels? and ourselves as carefree goddess mothers, floating on clouds?

good ol' abe lincoln said that.

i couldn't resist these cabs when i saw them. i have a few more, so if you're interested in having a custom piece made for mother's day, just let me know. we still have time.

a new "petite resolve" ring,
with beautiful rose cut labradorite

"your peridot heart"

this one has apatite, and a sweet little star

also, today was career day at hazel's school. she wants to be a writer. so, we put her in a kind of preppy little outfit, with pens on her shirt pocket and pencils in her hair. then i busted out the lenses of an old pair of sunglasses so she could look "intellectual".

and, i did a demonstration of my career for her class. it was so fun.

(here i am hammering the rivet and they are covering their ears because it's too loud.)

i made this little riveted mixed metal necklace for hazel's teacher.

and, my three year etsy anniversary is on tuesday!
so hard to believe. to celebrate, i am having a big sale. see my shop for details!

we are leaving tomorrow to go camping in the desert for the weekend. then on monday i leave for my next little mini felice brothers tour. i'll see them in salt lake city on monday night and denver on tuesday. then i'll be home again for a while (at least until their next tour!) have i mentioned how grateful i am that i have a husband who supports and even encourages this love of mine?


mamabeaks said...

whoo hoo! You look terrific! and I love the new big charm necklace. I love the mixed metal flower, oh gosh, I love it all........ looks like you had fun in your daughter's class too! .......... have fun in the desert!

susie said...

Love the new pieces, really loved your daughter as writer and the pics from career day, very cool.

I really admire your strength in forging out on your own and finding yourself in music. It's so easy to get lost after we have kids, it's reminding me of the things I used to love to do but haven't now in years. I find it very freeing and encouraging watching you go, thank you for the inspiration.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, linda! it was fun being a "model"! ;) and yes, it was great doing my little demonstration.

susie, i am so glad you understand what i am saying. sometimes i think everyone thinks i have lost it, running off, leaving my family, being a groupie... but none of those things are true. my family is so supportive, and happy that i am pursuing something that brings me joy. when i get back, hazel will ask me what songs they played and june will say "did you have fun mommy?" glenn and i text each other constantly while i am away; i share all the little details of my travels that i know he will appreciate and he keeps me updated on what's happening at home, often sending photos. it's a really wonderful thing, and i truly encourage you to find ways to do those things you used to love to do before children. it will only make you a better wife and mother, m'dear! life is too short, and the cost is too dear, for us to deny our true selves.