Friday, April 22, 2011

so good to be home...

hello there, all! how are you? i hope everyone is well. i've missed you! things are going very well here in dolores. i have spent the week settling back in to being at home, catching up, etc. today, glenn got a babysitter so that we could go for a bike ride. it was fabulous. we went to boggy draw, the same local spot that i love to ski in the winter.

we had to hurry home though because hazel had her first dance this evening! yep, the dolores elementary school country western dance. it was awesome.

the girls got all decked out in their finest western wear.

we all wore boots.

face painting,

dancing... it was great.

i am feeling so much better. it is simply amazing what some time away can do for perspective and clarity. i had so much time to think and ponder and i am in a much better place now. i simply cannot tell you what a magic potion travel and live music is for me. in the days before i was married and had children, i used to travel for music as often as i could. i had forgotten what a wonderful avenue it is for reconnecting with myself. especially to go alone, which is how i've always done it. it is quite miraculous. i am so glad that, as a wife and a mother, i am still able to connect with that part of me. it is simply priceless. and i am so very lucky to have a husband who understands that need and supports it. (don't you worry, he's already got the calendar riddled with backpacking trips for the summer!)

it's so good to be home.
i hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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