Wednesday, April 13, 2011

felice brothers, santa fe

saw a really awesome show tonight. i was wandering around town earlier today, with the finger picks in my bag just in case and got a chance to give them to ian. he was very appreciative and really seemed to like them. and he used two of them at the show! these photos are not very good but oh well...

here is their infamous camper in front of the venue.

see them? he said he preferred a plastic one for his thumb but that the other two were great. how truly amazing that he is using something that i made with my two hands to make his incredible music...

the opening band, diamond doves, (who were really good) played with them a lot.


fire at the pageant
loves me tenderly
run chicken run
murder by mistletoe
take this bread
honda civic
wonderful life
dancehall (with diamond doves)
greatest show (with diamond doves)
white limo (with diamond doves)
got what i need
big surprise
iron mike (with diamond doves)
river jordan

st. stephen's
frankie's gun

it was a lovely evening. i drove 5 hours today to get here and i will drive ten hours tomorrow to get to coachella. then i can just park my car and relax for a few days, and hear a lot of really great music. i can't wait!


susie said...

The pictures of him playing with your picks on- priceless!! Travel safe and soak up every moment. Best wishes.

Emily said...

What a cool feeling that must be to see him using your picks you made for him! So glad you captured that moment! Can't wait for him (and you!) to come visit us folks in Salt Lake City...... now back to work for poor little me.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, susie~ so very cool!

and emily, yes, i can't wait to see you (and them) in salt lake next week!