Wednesday, May 11, 2011

your authentic self

here's what i completed today.

i recently corresponded with somebody very dear to me, someone who knows my soul quite well. he told me something that i think is the highest compliment anyone could give me about my work. he said that my jewelry seemed to be an expression of my "authentic self". that is what i strive for, and coming from someone who truly knows that self, as few people do, it means so much.

so this is the "your authentic self" ring,
with a glorious rose cut rainbow moonstone.
(i made one for myself too, but it was to dark to photograph it by the time i was done.)

i've always associated rainbow moonstone with purity, validity, authenticity.

this one is fantastic. i recently got a few very high grade, fancy cut moonstones. they are just wonderful.

and remember the sego lily?

i finally did it! it took a very long time. i fold-formed the petals and ruffled the edges. but the trickiest part was soldering all of those little stamens in place.

the sego lily is a flower of peace.

i put it on a heavy duty, 3 mm ball chain with a fancy shmancy lobster clasp.

what do you think?

EDIT::: my dear friend (and botanist) just informed me that this is, in fact not a sego lily! it is an evening primrose. i cannot say why i have always thought that was a sego lily. my apologies... (did you know that but were just to nice to say anything about it???)

i also made a new "may peace reveal a path" ring,
with a gorgeous crazy lace agate.

i love this stone.

and, i sort of feel like i should be posting daily photos of the sweet chickens; they're growing so fast!
i think they are in their gangly teenager phase right now, sort of funny looking, but so precious nonetheless.

i will be participating in the dolores river festival this year, selling my jewelry there for the first time. i am looking forward to it. but i have to get busy and start making stuff. so forgive me if i am still not able to keep my etsy shop stocked...

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Cinder says said...

I love the Sego's a beauty!
Your rings are also stunning.
Good luck at your show. I wish I lived nearby, I would like to see your jewelry in person and meet you.

Your chicks are adorable in their awkward "teenage" stage. : )