Thursday, August 4, 2011

new pieces!

yay! i finally completed some new pieces today. due to the remodel, there is considerable chaos around my house. it was great to finally have a full day out in the shop today, preparing for the telluride farmer's market tomorrow.

this is a custom piece with a gorgeous chrysoprase.

and another custom, memorial necklace, with a glorious faceted prehnite.

the "balance" ring,
with a beautiful chalcedony

a new "in the arms of buffalo bill" ring,
with a stunning turquoise cab that patty gave me for my birthday.

(i just might have to keep it...)

a new "without darkness" ring,
with prehnite with epidote

some new charm necklaces

and new pmc pieces

i will be listing some of these in my shop, but please feel free to contact me if anything grabs you; i can reserve it for you!

and here's what's happening with the remodel...

here you can see the "mudroom", which has served as my sewing room, an office, junebug's nursery when she was tiny, a toy room, and a room for the dogs. when they dug down, it became clear that the foundation was rotted through and they are tearing it down tomorrow. oh dear.

(when i said i wanted a second bathroom this wasn't really what i had in mind.)

pouring the concrete for the new porch

molly loves all the trenches and is just digging to her heart's content.

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