Monday, August 15, 2011

for your wrist...

always when i do shows, people ask me about my bracelet, and want something similar. the durango arts festival is quickly approaching, so i thought i would start working on some. this is what i came up with so far:

this one is my favorite. emily had a fascinating wizard of oz pop-up book, by richard sabuda. the images in it were remarkable, and very inspiring. i had to create this bracelet. it is for all my wandering friends. the image is of the scarecrow, dorothy, and toto wandering through the forest, as it was the scarecrow, hoping for a brain, that dorothy met first.

on the back, i stamped a line of conor oberst's, "there's nothing that the road cannot heal." because what is the wizard of oz about if not being on the road? the yellow brick road is a symbol of everything wonderful about traveling- freedom, adventure, challenge, chance encounters, new friends, lessons... everyone on the journey got something so much greater than they ever expected out of it. it was never about the wizard after all.

this bracelet is heavy, comprised of many layers. i have a special connection to this piece, as my middle name is dorothy and wizard of oz/ kansas/ toto/ there's no place like home comments have followed me around most of my life.

this is the "raise your head high" bracelet. as a totem animal, an ostrich is said to help with grounding. this particular ostrich is struttin' her stuff, with her head held high and a sweet little moonstone soul. i like her as a reminder NOT to bury your head in the sand. to raise your head high and face the facts. to see the world as it really as, to not purposefully shelter yourself from the facts.

a beautiful fire opal accompanies her.

and the labradorite marquis magnificence bracelet,

with the very most incredible labradorite

it is simply gorgeous.

these will be in the shop tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful, especially the Wizard of Oz one!

DalaHorse said... are fabulous pieces....very cool work! ❤