Friday, October 15, 2010

my "new" bracelet

this used to be a necklace. i never took it off. it is called the "spirit of understanding" and was made by robert rogers. i turned it into a bracelet about 2 years ago by soldering a ring to his feet.

after ian actually looked at, and admired, the "among the white storks" necklace, i decided it could no longer be for sale.

so i very slowly and painstakingly formed the stork portion of the necklace into a cuff-ish bracelet, with the "spirit of understanding" on the other side.

after doing some research about storks, i am so happy to have this on my wrist. they are supposedly harbingers of happiness and prosperity. according to egyptian mythology, they are a symbol of "the unique individual character of each human being". in hebrew, stork means "kind mother". and, according to chinese mythology, storks are able to snatch up a worthy man and deliver him to a blissful life...

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