Friday, October 8, 2010

a lovely day with the family...

the day started out with bunny pancakes for the girls, made by glenn:

then we went to durango and spent the day together, the first in a while.

the girls had a ball playing at the river

(glenn wearing the new shirt i got him)

i have one more bit of reflection about my trip, now that i've had some time at home, and then i promise i'll stop talking about it. i think that part of the reason that it was so great was knowing that i had my sweet little home to return to. i am not the type of person who could do that kind of thing indefinitely (though i wouldn't have minded seeing a few more shows). but i was truly able to just go and have a great time because i knew that i had the love and support of my family at home. it's a great thing to really realize that the independent/ free spirit part of me is still alive and well and welcome and supported in our family. does that make sense?

i hope that you all have fantastic weekends! i get a full, 8-hour, uninterrupted day out in the shop on sunday. can't wait to share with you what i make!


susie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure in your recent trip. I try to get away for a weekend every year with one of my best friends,even though I always have a good time, the best part by far is coming home. That's no small thing, I think we should count ourselves lucky:)

DalaHorse said...

BUNNY PANCAKES...who would have thought it! too darn cute!