Thursday, October 21, 2010

indian summer

i have this unwritten rule for myself that if i see something i really love that costs a bit more than i'd like to spend, i have to walk away from it. if i can't stop thinking about it, i can go back and get it. this stone, a parrot wing jasper, cut and cabbed by dolores' very own larry sanchez, owner of my local silver and lapidary shop, was a perfect example. i first saw it when he was about halfway through making it and i LOVED it. (such a veritable cacophony of colors!) when he finished it and i saw the price, i realized it was a bit out of my range. but then i heard he was going to show this week, and it was going with him, and i knew if i didn't buy it, someone else would.

when i first saw this stone, i just thought it was sexy, ya know? something about it... not lewd, but a bit racy, suggestive... i don't know, maybe i'm losing it, spending too much time around stones... but this design came to me based on the shape of this stone, that stone needs to be sitting in just the right spot. it speaks to me...

of love and longing
of longevity, brevity, and loss
of desire~
and the (w)hole that's left behind

it's a piece about the things you want to keep but can't, the things you want to last but won't, like the indian summer we are currently experiencing here. (that's why it's a bit more southwest-y than i usually like to be, with the turquoise, and the coral, etc.) maybe these trees want to keep these leaves, now that their colors are so tremendous, just now fully appreciated in all their glory, now that they know they will be gone...

(sir thomas wyatt)

when you wear it, it jingles and jangles delightfully.

it will make its way to the shop tonight.


DalaHorse said...

Kristi...really lovely....very sexy it! ♥

Cinder says said...

A beautiful stone, and a lovely necklace!
: )

Teresa said...

Oh MY! I love this and now I am so sad, I went out to your shop to see if there was any way I could afford it and it's already gone!!! :'o)

Janell Armstrong said...

Love it! Great work : )