Saturday, October 2, 2010

my fabulous journey, part two

the drive up to big sur was absolutely incredible! i stopped at this beautiful beach, el capitan for a few hours.

and then the show! it was on a very small stage in the campground. there were only about 300 people or so there. it was even better than santa barbara! just amazing.

i met a very sweet woman, megan, and we decided to talk to all of the musicians after the show.
not such a good shot of conor

megan's picture is way better

i told ian all about how his songs helped me to find my voice
and jimmy is about the sweetest guy ever.

new one (wonderful dream?)
new one (fire the accountant?)
greatest show
new one (girl in the black velvet something?)
wonderful life
run chicken run
goddamn you jim
new one (royal hawaiian hotel?)
her eyes dart round
helen fry

laura's song
wouldn't riot for less
four winds
lenders in the temple
eating for you
spring cleaning
ten women
well whiskey
cape canaveral
easy lucky free
new one (i know you?)
poison oak

i miss my family and cannot wait to see them again, but i really am having a blast!

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Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Glad you are having such a good time...the pictures are great! You look so happy...your smile is infectious!