Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HELP-ME-HEAT-MY-SHOP-SALE! (and new stuff)

so, i am having my "new" wood stove installed in my shop; rick is out there, slaving away, right now.

in order to be sure that i can pay the poor guy, and get a bunch of fabulous cedar wood, (because someone you know who you are told me that pinion and cedar were the same thing last winter and i bought a bunch of pinion and really wish i had cedar, for many reasons) and so that i can stock up on supplies for the upcoming holiday season, i am having a sale in my etsy shop! i am adding all of the old made-to-order-favorites, small, medium, large spirals, stacking rings, and bangles, even guitar picks, plus the new pieces below, and everything is 10% off through november 1st!

this is the "grace" ring
with a marvelous, high dome rectangular chrysoprase

the color of this stone is astounding!

a nice wide band

chrysoprase is said to instill a state of grace in the wearer

the "courage of voice" ring
with a beautiful blue opal

check this out:
(from love is in the earth) blue opal can be used to stimulate communication skills and to assist one in voicing thoughts and information which on has not been courageous enough to voice in the past. it provides one with both the freedom and courage to speak freely, and the wisdom to recognize those with whom this free speech will be accepted." i think it is best if i do not wear this ring. as someone who speaks my truth rather freely already, what would happen?

it's difficult to see, but the two darker streaks are actually beautifully opalescent. the rest of the stone is just a gorgeous, milky, opal-ish blue, with subtle opalescence here and there.

i also finished two custom pieces today:

a new "child of the universe ring"
with a fabulous big high dome prehnite

and another petite resolve ring

i will be putting all of these in the shop this afternoon.

so, if you've maybe had your eye on a piece and it was too expensive, now might be a good time to grab it! or maybe you want to do some early christmas shopping and get someone that you love a nice gift? it's for a good cause...

p.s. i'd also like to say that i know some of my rings have seemed rather pricy lately. i apologize for that, it's just that i've been using a lot of the fancy shmancy stones i got at the denver gem and mineral show and they were not cheap!

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Shannon said...

cedar and juniper... cedar and juniper are the same thing...that is what I meant...sorry :-(