Thursday, October 14, 2010

opal, chalcedony, kyanite, prehnite, and bertrandite

i finished up some various pieces today, mostly using stones i got at the denver gem and mineral show.

the "i am the ocean" ring,
with the most beautiful opal

i am you: you are ME. you are the waves; i am the ocean.
know this and be free, be divine
(sri sathya sai baba)

i cannot capture the amazing flash in this stone with my camera...

the "love is a mirror" ring,
with an incredibly gorgeous, high dome, golden prehnite

i am in a very pensive, contemplative period in my life right now. i wanted to make a ring that resembled a mirror, to symbolize reflection and introspection.

isn't it?

prehnite is a stone of remembering.
and this golden prehnite is like none i've ever seen...

i made a new "winged heart" ring,
with a totally stunning tiffany stone, complete with a beautiful druzy in the lower right corner.

(kahlil gibran)

this is the "second spring" necklace,
with a gorgeous, hand-carved opal flower

(albert camus)

this is a custom piece with the most lovely kyanite cab

and this custom piece with a mouth-watering piece of turkish chalcedony

i hope you love it, m'dear!

all of these pieces are on their way to the shop...


susie said...

There's magic in those stones, no way I could pick a favorite. Hope they fly off of your shelves and made some people happy:) Have a wonderful weekend.

DalaHorse said...

Thanks for the visual breakfast pastry....beautiful that carved opal flower pendant!

Janell Armstrong said...

As always--I feel totally dwarfed by your ability to produce! Lovely stone, Great work : )

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, guys! and janell, please don't feel like that. i have such limited time out in my shop anymore that when i do get out there, i just do as much as i can!