Friday, October 1, 2010

my fabulous journey, part one

so yesterday morning i woke up while it was still dark, snuggled up in my little nest in the backseat of the car, to the sound of someone playing the trumpet. it was so strange. i thought, in my half-sleep "who the heck is blowing their horn this early?" and then i realized it was one of these guys:

a lovely herd of nearby elk.

and so i started my day in flagstaff, arizona.
i drove about 9 hours

and arrived at the coast!
(yes, mom, i took this while i was driving. sorry!)

my fantastic hotel
(thanks so much!)

right across the street from my luxurious hotel

oh, and the show! that was the very most incredible show i have ever been to in my life. and i do not say that lightly. i cannot believe how amazing BOTH sets were. the felice brothers set was magnificent, with several really intense new songs. and i was amazed at how well the band meshed with conor; it was perfect. at one point he thanked them for being his band, talked about how he had these shows booked and no band and ian said "good thing we answered that craigslist ad". it was very cute.

forgive my speculation, but i felt like they were very honored to be on that stage with him and were showing off a bit. i thought that their roughness might not mix well with conor's more polished sound, but i was totally wrong. it was absolutely perfect, couldn't have been better. there was a cool camaraderie between them as well. (it was dark and i didn't really want to use my flash so i didn't get great pictures. i will try again tonight.)

and, yes, in case you were wondering, i did give conor his pick. after the show he was talking to some folks and it kind of seemed like he was trying to leave and i probably should have waited to give it to him tonight, but i thought i should just in case another opportunity didn't present itself. he really seemed to like it and said "this is for me?", then gave me a sweet hug and kiss on the cheek.

can't wait for tonight!!!

if you're interested in that sort of thing, here is a setlist:

new solo ian song (wonderful dream?)
carrier pigeons
love me tenderly
white limo
run chicken run
new one (royal hawaiian hotel?) SO awesome!
wonderful life
new one (fuck the news?)
take this bread

four winds
laura's song
lenders in the temple
spring cleaning
we are nowhere
well whiskey
no one would riot for less
cape canaveral
ten women
new one (i know you?)
easy lucky free
poison oak
i've been eating for you
train underwater
method acting (INCREDIBLE)
lua (just conor and james)

i, of course, miss glenn and the girls terribly, but i really am having an incredible time. i had a sort of anxiety attack for a few moments yesterday when i realized just how far away i was from my girls, but it passed. i am sure it will happen again before i get home, but that is okay. it will be wonderful to be with them again when i am! i am now on my way to the beach and then off to big sur!


6512 and growing said...

Fun to find this here today. I've been thinking about you on your solo, music and beach-filled journey.


susie said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure, to have the opportunity to meet musicians you admire so greatly must just be mind blowing. Take care, travel well.

Emily said...

Sooo jealous! I would love to go off on a music road trip just like in the good old days.... I just got the CD's in the mail today, Thank You!! I'm sure I'll be listening to them frequently between now and the show on Oct. 9th here in Salt Lake City. Wish Conor Oberst was still hangin' with the Felice Brothers until then.....too bad for me. Have fun and safe travels!

don't pretend like you don't remember said...

i think the "fuck the news" song was called ponzi. that was the one with the intro of a radio or tv recording, right? either way INCREDIBLE SONG. i don't know the others though. i have their set list from the LA show and it is written on a tecate box. amazing. glad to see you had a good trip! i went from LA to Big Sur to SF. and it was all so so soooooo worth it.