Wednesday, August 17, 2011

several folks have asked about the renovation, so i thought i'd share some photos. (the weird thing is, i just got a message from blogger saying i have reached my limit; i can no longer upload photos to this blog. which is very interesting because i had just made up my mind to move to my wordpress site. will you all follow me over there when i make the switch?)

anyway, here's the house after they tore down the mudroom.

they only just poured the concrete yesterday and this is what it looked like today when i got home.

that's our future bathroom.

and the future bedroom. it will be 15' x 20', 300 square feet. our bedroom right now is 12' x 13', which means we are doubling the size of our bedroom. it is hard to believe!

very exciting, we just cannot wait!!!


mamabeaks said...

I will follow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... Your renovations are exciting!

1moodychic said...

I will follow.
I went through your town this weekend when I brought my son to college in Arizona and thought of you and all your lovely creations.