Friday, December 30, 2011

sea of joy

i am excited to introduce to you my new line, the sea of joy...

with these amazing mystery shells, blue sapphire, rainbow moonstone, and chalcedony

my old friend sam is a surfer. and he discovered these shells at a secret beach.

he thought i could use them in my jewelry.

he drove down this road.

across these salt flats, through the desert for 100 miles.

and there they were,

on this amazing beach

(i promised i would not reveal the name or location of this special place.)

and now they are here, in my jewelry...

the sea of joy ring, with shell and blue sapphire

you may think it's odd that i, living here in landlocked colorado, am making jewelry of the sea. but i long for the ocean in ways i cannot explain. the ocean does something for me that nothing else can. being at the beach takes me away like nothing else. and so these designs, similar to the tide will bring and tide will take pieces, are to take you away. to bring you the tranquility and the peace that the ocean and the beach bring to me.

the sea of joy necklace, with shell, rainbow moonstone, and faceted chalcedony

i love the barnacle-ish feel of these pieces.

and the earrings,

with small rivets included in the design

the shape of the shells forced me to try some new techniques and i very much enjoyed the process. these pieces will be in the shop shortly.

sam gave me the idea for the name of this line, based on this movie...

thank you SO much, sam.
i hope you like the pieces.

Friday, December 23, 2011


hello there! sorry i haven't posted in a while. things have been truly hectic around here.

we've got the house decorated,

the tree up, the presents wrapped, the stockings hung.

of course, i've had some help...
(the best christmas present EVER)

and someone is very excited about all of this.

the christmas orders are all shipped.

i have really enjoyed making all of my custom orders this year. there is something so wonderful about knowing that i am making special future heirlooms, personalized for families to treasure forever. i just love that.

i think this one was my favorite this year.

i've had a helper with all of this too, of course.

we've had junebug's winter program.

(glenn and i accompanied them.)

hazel's winter program,

and we, of course, have seen santa.

we had a party to celebrate the holidays in our "new" house.

(of course, olive and i have been skiing throughout all of this. my favorite local spot, boggy draw, is officially skiiable! i've been up there almost every day.)

and, thanks again to the truly amazing patty, we rode the polar express.

"grandma and grandpa" patty and larry (aka santa's brother)

times are truly joyous around here!
i hope that you all are enjoying your holiday season as well.

the girls, and glenn, have two full weeks off of school after christmas this year. i am so looking forward to some relaxing time at home, just enjoying each other. i also have ordered a LOT of new stones and i am really looking forward to making some new pieces for the new year.