Sunday, October 14, 2012

my trip to san fran!

i recently returned from a wonderful visit to san francisco.  i had such a fantastic time.  i went there to visit friends, and to see music, and to visit with the president of three jewelry galleries.

the drive there was, of course, spectacular.  i love the desert.

i spent as much time at the beach as i possibly could.

on thursday night i went to felton, ca to see simone felice (ian and james' brother, former member of the felice brothers) and conor oberst at a tiny little mexican restaurant called don quixote's.

oh, conor.  conor ended up having the entire mystic valley band with him for all three of the shows that i saw, which was amazing.

on friday i went to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in san francisco to see conor again. (i spent a good deal of my time in this city being lost.  i had intended to arrive sooner and catch a few other acts, but it was not meant to be.)

because of the crazy crowds, we ended up watching conor's set from the hill up behind the stage, which was actually pretty cool.

on saturday i went back to the festival.  justin townes earle was the first set that i saw, and i can tell you that i fell in love with him.  he was incredible.

olive had a great time during his set with her new boyfriend.

next i saw the lumineers, who were amazing, of course.

then i went for a beautiful hike...

and back to the beach for the sunset.

so incredible!

sunday night i saw conor (and the mystic valley band) one more time, at the fillmore theater in san francisco.

monday morning, before i left town, i had a very promising meeting with the president of three amazing jewelry galleries in san francisco.  i am afraid to say too much until i know more, but i think i got the closest thing to a "yes, we'd like to carry your work" as i could have expected.  i will keep you posted on that!

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