Tuesday, October 23, 2012

our last camping trip of the season

last weekend we went camping over in blanding, utah.  sadly, it was our last trip of the season.

we camped in a campground that was inauspiciously called devil's canyon.  there was a "kid's cave" there, where there girls set up a little fort for themselves.

olive had a fabulous time.

we played a lot of music.
(this is my first guitar.  it has now been designated as the camping guitar.)

it's such a beautiful time of year to be in the desert.

we went to natural bridges national monument, which was amazing.

the view from above

we were actually able to complete the 2 1/2 mile (round trip) hike down into the canyon with the girls to see the sipapu bridge up close.  probably the longest hike we've ever done with them and they were awesome.

it is truly a thing of wonder.

(juniper took this photo.)

i am pretty sure hazel is saying "sipapu" in this picture,  hence the face.

there were three ladders along the hike.  very cool for the girls.

we had such a wonderful time.  we have now cleaned out and parked the camper for the winter.  already looking forward to spring.

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