Monday, October 15, 2012

nucleus, yucca, and the climb

i have some new pieces for you!

this is a new design i am very excited about.
the nucleus ring,
with a glorious rose cut rainbow moonstone

the nucleus.  the center.  the middle.  the little speck that holds it all together.  indivisible, at the base of everything.  neutral, neither positive nor negative.  that is what this ring is.  it is a simple but bold representation of what keeps you centered in this life.

this moonstone is just fabulous.

we recently spent some time in the utah desert and i was very inspired by this pictograph that we saw on a hike.  the little face is awesome, but it was the floral design that struck me.

at first i thought that it represented some sort of fern, but, as you know, ferns are hard to come by in the desert.  i think it actually depicts a yucca bloom, very common in the utah desert.

here is my version.
the yucca bloom necklace,
with imperial jasper

a gorgeous stone, with soft colors reminiscent of the muted tones of the desert, layers depicting time.

because the people who made these pictographs so long ago are the ancestors of the modern day pueblo people, i put a bit of pueblo wisdom on the back.

and this is the climb bracelet,
with a beautiful little london blue topaz.

this bracelet has an image of a beautiful and rugged mountain range on it, with a blue moon shining overhead.  it represents the climb, the way up, the journey vs. the destination.  as much as we all just want to sit on the top of the mountain, relax, eat our lunch and enjoy the view, it's on the way up that we struggle and challenge ourselves and slip and save ourselves and think of turning back.  that is where we grow.  that is where we learn and change and reap the benefits.  the summit is for relaxation and reflection.

it's the climb that matters, not the summit.

these are the his & hers custom rugged wedding bands.
with a moon for her and a sun for him.

and little rivers flowing along

and, lastly, the katya hoops,
named for my local customer that requested them.

they are made from lightweight hollow tubing, so they look substantial and rugged but are actually quite light.

that's all i've got for today; they'll all be in the shop soon.
i hope you all are doing very well.


Rag and Stone said...

Ohhh swoooon. I absolutely love the yucca!

kristi smith said...

thanks so much, erin. your feedback means a lot to me!