Saturday, May 15, 2010

a lovely visit to denver

i returned home yesterday from a lovely visit to denver. i wanted to see my parents (and give my mother her "heart of gold" ring for mother's day). it was a VERY short trip, because i needed to get back to work, but i am so glad i went.

the girls with their pops

we went to the denver natural history museum; it was so much fun!
(more on that later)

june and mimi

the girls got to play piano at a friend's house

and hang out with their cousins, cameron and mitchell (yes, that is isobel in the photo. i couldn't leave her behind!)

then i worked all day today and made lots of stuff for moab, plus these three rings for the etsy shop. i will work all day again tomorrow too.

a "resolve" ring, with a fantastic high dome labradorite

this one has a beautiful golden/green flash

the perfect index finger ring!

and another "pink tide" ring
rhodonite and chalcedony, "wood and roses"

and the "forever green" ring, a gorgeous piece of high dome malachite!

"forever green" is the name of a felice brothers song. here's a snip:
grandma was a country singer i'd love to have seen her making some bar room swing i could see you doing that if you had a stetson hat and an electric guitar to sing may you stay forever green like the country between us far after our hands unfold and I bid farewell in that old stairwell leaving to a narrow road.

this is what happened to the "forever green" ring the first time around...


Anonymous said...

Denver looks like a beautiful city and as always, I love your photo narratives. I wouldn't have been able to leave Isobel behind either!

Also as always, your work is so gorgeous. Your style of working is completely inspiring me at the moment (actually, it always does) and I taught myself to sweat solder the other day so I have you to thank for that! Seriously, on that far off day when I can set up my Etsy shop, I may beg for advice! I wish I was better at setting stones though...

Ooops, sorry, didn't mean to go on about me. I'm going to go back and look at the photos of your new work again!

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Looks like you had a good trip...I bet your Mom loved the gold ring! I love that you brought Isobel! Love the new rings...seeing the last shot made me cringe, I HATE it when a bezel doesn't work for whatever reason...I feel like smaller bezels are easier for me, which seems kind of backwards...but the finished "forever green" ring is AWESOME!