Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i'm really not much of a producer. (and other stuff)

so getting ready for an art show is a whole new animal for me. for the most part, my process usually works like this: i have an inspiration (never can tell where it might come from). if it's a complex piece, i turn it around in my mind and draw sketches wherever i can; if it's a simple piece, with a single stone, i will often carry the stone around in my pocket until i can get out to my shop. then, if i have my way, i make the piece, from start to finish in a single session.

when preparing for a show, i do not have this luxury. i am having to switch gears into "production line" mode. while i will, of course, still be making pieces of the above mentioned variety, i also need to be making quantity. this is the first "real" art show i have done, but i think it is important to have a good range of prices. so i am making a lot of simple, wire-wrapped gemstone earrings that will be very affordable. i am also making lots of spirals and necklaces that feature teresa's glass flower cabs. so now when i go out to my shop, i pick one item that i want to work on and make as many as i can.

the problem is, i am not wired to work that way. i am really having to change my way of thinking. it is difficult for me to spend a whole day in my studio and then leave without any finished product. for example, the other day i made a bunch of rings, to make some bracelets like the ones i shared with you. i had an admirable pile of rings. but then, before i knew what had happened, i had fashioned them into a nice little bracelet. very satisfying.

but i do have some pieces ready. (the photos aren't so great.)

meanwhile, isobel has been helping out with answering convos, keeping up with the blog, and some packaging while i've been being a producer.

she's also a great babysitter.

and, incidentally, yesterday was a great celebration. junebug quit using her "minky" (pacifier). on sunday we all went around the house and gathered all of them up. we put them in a basket for the minky fairy. she came and took all of them to the new babies in the world who need them and left june a present.

hazel sang "no more minkies for you", to the tune of "happy birthday to you".

we had ice cream, jelly beans, and cheez-its, juniper's favorites

and, i have a new friend in my studio. i got this poster the other day; he's a lovely inspiration.

lastly, i have an important question for you. i came up with the idea of giving away cds with songs from my blog because people are always telling me that they love the music that plays here. but only one of you responded about wanting one. maybe your computers are on mute? or maybe you don't actually like the music? or maybe you just don't want a cd? or don't wish to comment? i would love for you to be honest with me about it. music is such a huge part of who i am, and such an inspiration in my work, and i love to share it with you, but i definitely want to know if it is not an enjoyable part of this blog for you!

and, one more thing (i am quite verbose this evening!) THANK YOU so much to everyone who has made my anniversary sale such a success so far! i appreciate you so so so very much!


Lisa-Maladylis said...

I was going to say before that I love the music but then I thought you'd be swamped with comments that I didn't bother posting so now I'm posting. I do love the music.

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Your displays are great! I really love that bracelet of rings. I like the music too...actually when I read the post about the CD, I wanted to comment, but for some reason at work, I can't view the list of songs...so I couldn't comment with a title! So that was all... :)

susie said...

Happy late Etsyversary! It looks like you've managed to produce quite a bit so far - best of luck at your upcoming show!

Congrats on saying goodbye to the minkey, I know with my oldest we were still finding them all over the house for months.

Just haven't had a chance to convo you about the CD, definitely want one. Will pop over in a bit.

Wishing you all the best, enjoy youar day!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

well i am so happy to hear it! if you would like to e-mail me your addresses, i will get a cd in the mail to you lovely women! silversparrowdesigns@gmail.com

Teresa said...

Happy Minky Day! I love it! Your displays are gorgeous. thank you so much for showing them to us! I love your music (when I listen to it). Usually when I read your blog it is early in the morning and I put my computer on mute so as not to disturb those who are sleeping. However, when I happen to catch up with you during the day and no one else is home, I jam out!

Janell Armstrong said...

I also enjoy the music and would love a cd! It is so very generous of you to do this, thank you : ) Sorry I didn't comment before. I love love love the link bracelet...I'd be tempted to keep that one for myself if I were you! I'll email you my mailing address.

Carlene said...

I confess, I'm a bit of a lurker. And since I sneak in a little blog reading at work, I don't always have time to leave a comment. So I'm just a little slow getting back to you to say I love your playlist-One with the birds is my favorite! So, please, I would love a CD. :) I will scoot over now to leave my address. And I must ask, will you list the left over goodies from the show in your Etsy shop? I love those bracelets you previewed!
Good luck with your show!!!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

i am proud to say that i LOVE lurkers, carlene! i know that you are all out there and i adore you just as much as i would if you left a comment. truth be told, i am not much of a commenter either. (it doesn't help that often blogger will not LET me comment on many blogs, insisting that i "choose a profile" from an empty dropdown menu...)

cds for each and every one of you, dear friends!

traci said...

Yay!! Happy belated Minky Day-- I am so proud of Junebug :)How sweet. Glad to hear Isobel is being so helpful-- that's a lot of work for just one person. You are going to do GREAT at the art festivals and your displays are fantastic-- I am so excited for you! Love you so much! And I also think you have superb taste in music.