Tuesday, April 27, 2010

could you give me some feedback?

i have been working on some "prototype" bracelets to sell at the upcoming moab show. i wanted to develop some bracelets that would enable me to keep the cost down on them, but still have a rustic, organic feel, and fit with my work. i could picture them in my mind, and i wanted to incorporate leather. i've been collecting large-ish, flat-ish beads to use. can you please tell me what you think of them? they are a bit of a departure from my usual work...

i made all of the components, all sterling

prehnite with epidote

peruvian opal


and blue chalcedony

i would REALLY appreciate your thoughts on these. brown leather? black leather? no leather? are the toggles too big? the center shapes? are they too jumbled?

on another note, jasper and isobel are starting to connect.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Oooh! I LOVE the bracelets!! I love the leather mixed with the cool chain and gemstones! I like both the black and brown...just depending which looks better with whatever stone you are using. I don't think the toggles are too big, but can't really tell without a pic on how the clasps look with the bracelets on you know? But I love them...they are really, really great!. And Jasper and Isobel...*sigh*...so cute!! :)

Poppy Q said...

They look very summery and rustic, and I like the way you do them up. Nothing worse than a bracelet with a flimsy clasp.

The leather is great on them, and lightens them up. I wish it was summer here, and I would get you to make me one.

Jasper and Isobel look so sweet together. Nice to see them snuggling already.

Racheletto said...

I love the leather additions! Perhaps using a wider strip would help balance the lighter leather with the other big components? I love leather and chain together too. The design is great cause there is no up, or center, or front. They look great anyway they move!

Well done!

Kelly Reece said...

I actually really like them. They have a "collect them all" feel to it. If that makes sense. It may be a stretch from your typical work, but I think you're on to something. If you can work with leather, by all means DO IT! It needs to be used more in conjunction with silver. Such a harmonious combination.

Janell Armstrong said...

The bracelets work! I liked them all layed out together but when I saw the pic of it on your wrist I loved them! I love the pairing of leather with silver, I feel it adds to the rustic look. I think you're on to something good, as with anything else creative and good it will continue to develop. I'm excited to see that process!

I looove cuddling kitties...especially kittens!

Teresa said...

AWESOME!!! I love them...everything about them.

And the kitties, too cute!

cindyh. said...

I love the bracelets! I think the silver, gems and leather look great together. It's a perfect everyday casual look. :)

Love the kitty pics too~ they're adorable.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks so very much, you guys! i really appreciate your feedback; it means a lot to me. and, if you feel that you have any other advice for me as a newbie doing art shows, please feel free to commence with it.