Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the other white metal

so today i made my very first white gold wedding band. i am delighted with how it turned out! i always have people contacting me, asking me if i can do my "custom rustic wedding band" in gold. up until now, i have always told them no. but i finally got the courage to go ahead and try one. i was amazed at how much it was like working with silver. it was little tougher to manipulate than silver, and it took a little longer for the solder to flow, but otherwise, it was very similar.

stamped on the inside and oxidized, just like the silver ones

a teeny bit (.5 mm) thinner to keep the cost down a bit

same hammered, matte surface

silver on the left, white gold on the right

i also made the "daydreaming" necklace. this stone brings to mind a beautiful summer afternoon, lying in the grass, watching the clouds, daydreaming and dozing and lost in revery...

it features a terrifically stunning piece of larimar. larimar is a pretty rare (and pretty expensive) stone found only in the dominican republic. its' beauty is simply indescribable.

one of the properties of larimar is that it assists one in recognizing the chains that are self imposed. maybe while you're daydreaming you will be freeing yourself from them...

with larimar and moonstone teardrop sidekicks.

"i live my daydreams in music" albert einstein

it is quite large. i love it!

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6512 and growing said...

I like that white gold - maybe Dan and I should get wedding rings, for our 8th anniversary.