Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a wonderful day!

i had an absolutely wonderful day out in the shop today! a nice, long, uninterrupted 8-hour day. i made four new pieces. (plus, i decided i could part with one other...)

i made a new tres flores piece, with fabulous brown and blue cabs from teresa.

this is the "like a phoenix" ring i am finally parting with
with an amazing laguna lace agate

another "be the change" necklace

with a stunning blue/green labradorite

and a handmade link chain with labradorite, tourmaline, freshwater pearls, iolite, kayanite, apatite, and australian crystal

and the "evershine" ring...
featuring a fabulous chestnut chalcedony druzy

and the "bloom where you are planted" necklace

with one of teresa's cabs and a lavender chalcedony teardrop

oh, and have i ever told you that my darling husband is a fiddle player? now that the weather is nice, he has been siting outside playing. (the neighbors love him!) today, he sat right outside my shop and played for me while i was working. delightful. such a talented (and not to mention handsome) man i've got...

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Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

You had a productive day!! The new pieces are is hard to pick a favorite! I love the 'like a phoenix' ring..the Agate is so pretty...and the 'be the change' necklace is just gorgeous! Hope you have a good week!