Thursday, April 22, 2010

new camera!

sooo... i finally got a new camera! you may not be able to tell from my current photos, but i use a 5-year old canon powershot s410. it takes GREAT photos. my wonderful father-in-law bought it for me when i was pregnant with hazel. but, lately, things have not been going so smoothly with it. there is an insane delay between the time i press the button and the time the picture actually takes. this is not a big concern when i am photographing my jewelry, but it does matter when i am trying to get the perfect shot of the girls... or the dogs... or isobel. also, the charger no longer works. i have had to construct an elaborate system, involving a piece of rebar, to charge the battery. also, it takes foooreeeveerrr to upload photos to the computer. like the camera battery is dead by the time the photos have actually transferred. this here is my old camera:

i LOVE it, and will be very sad to see it retire.

but, here is my NEW camera, a canon powershot SD 960 IS:
(in a flashy aqua blue color)

so, just humor me for a bit. these are a bunch of random photos i've taken today with it. can't wait to see how it does with my jewelry tomorrow!

(is there a better beer? really?)

(don't think i've ever introduced you to "frosty" and "goldie". here they are, making their debut appearance. hazel and june won them at the halloween carnival. we thought they'd be dead in a day or two, but no siree; they're still kickin'...)

little miss isobel has completely stolen my heart.

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