Thursday, April 8, 2010

labradorite lust and other stuff

i have several "favorite" stones, and although it seems to have become quite trendy lately, labradorite is an old favorite. no other stone has a flash like that. it never fails to astonish me when i see it. i find myself thinking how does it DO that? it is so very mystical and magical and powerful. and, of course, i love it for its' metaphysical properties. specifically, it assists with traversing changes, attracting strength and perseverance. it provides for a sense of "self" during transitions

check out the flash on this baby...

blue and yellow and green and gold and orange...

on our albuquerque road trip i constructed this chain for it, with huge faceted labradorite chunks, moonstone, iolite, kayanite, amethyst, and peridot.

because labradorite's properties are all about change and transition,
as usual, i stamped "be the change" on the back.

in other news, hazel's kindergarten registration was today. how can this be? she was only just born yesterday. my heart is breaking at the thought of her being gone every morning of the week next year. what will i do? i think that this impending separation might be at the root of my (sort of) recent baby-fever. as they say, my clock is ticking. maybe the arrival of our new kitten will assuage some of my need, but evidently it is a bit early in the year for kittens...

on a happier note, i have been accepted for the carbondale mountain fair! it was a juried show and i have been anxious to hear if i got in. there are two more shows i have applied for, one that i REALLY want to do, and one that is much more local that i will do if i don't get into that one.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

The necklace is AWESOME! I love Labradorite too and the stones you used in the chain really set off the colors in the pendant. Beautiful.

Awww...your little girl is growing up. I am not a Mom, but I know I would be anxious too! You will have to spend the time she isn't there on jewelry and the new kitten!

Congrats on getting in to the fair!! Juried shows are SO nerve-wracking!...that may be why I haven't tried yet! :)

Have a wonderful day.

Janell Armstrong said...

I love the necklace! That labradorite has amazing flash.

susie said...

Labradorite is a favorite of mine too - love the look of the mixed stones together, just lovely.

Kids grow up too fast, way faster than I'm ever ready for. Can't wait to see the new kitten.

Take care and congrats and good luck with the upcoming shows.