Friday, May 21, 2010

my other saviors

i know that i have mentioned my "wednesday night girls" before, but i feel the need to do so again. they are my dear friends and they come over each week to help me out when i need it. and if i don't need help, we work on whatever kinds of projects they would like to do. and always, whether there is work to do or not, we drink some beer and hang out, and have a great time. this week i kept talking about how great trevor was and i think i hurt their feelings. so i wanted to pay homage to them too. i don't know what i would do without them!


and sara.

shanti and diane also come when they can. it works out that usually one or two women can't make it; my shop is quite small!

i've been working so much getting ready for moab, i've hardly had time to be with the girls. i took a break to go hang out with them at the river. i have to admit, however it turns out, i will be glad when next weekend is over! sunday trevor and i will finish stacking rings and spiral earrings and then i will focus on some bracelets and some one-of-a-kind necklaces for the rest of the week. i figure i can only make as much as i can make and it will have to be good enough, right?

oh, and here's to coming out of your shell!

this little guy was hanging out on the chair outside, wings still damp.
cicada necklace?

i hope you have a fantastic weekend! it is glenn's birthday tomorrow so he's going for a big hike in the morning and then we will meet in telluride to hang out.

happy birthday, love of my life!

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