Friday, November 19, 2010


so arky came through for me again! he came over this morning. we had coffee and he regaled me with stories from his old silversmithing days for about two hours. what a sweetheart!

it might not look like much, but that blue box has hardly even been unpacked yet.

and his stones! the treasures hidden in that box were remarkable.

in the end, this is what i got from him. a LOT of silver...

and these stones, many of them cut by arky long ago.
there's dinosaur bones, amethyst, chrysocolla, amethyst, crazy lace agate, opal, fire opal, fire agate, turquoise, variscite, and more...

i would be embarrassed to tell you how little i paid him for all of this. i told him that i felt like i was robbing him and he said that i was like a daughter to him, and that he was proud of me, and he was happy to pass it all on. he asked that i just make him a bolo tie before he comes back in the spring.

thank you, arky!


susie said...

Seeing that treasure almost made me cry -such a bounty! I just placed a silver order, so I have a pretty good idea of the depth of such generosity.

I look at the stones you gifted to me nearly every day planning and scheming for when I have time, truly the gifts that keep on giving. Thank you again.

We should all be thankful of the generosities we are shown during this holiday season:)

Janell Armstrong said...

I wish I had an Arky! What a sweet guy. You're very lucky : )

Rag and Stone said...

This man is just LOVELY! There is something about older gents like this that just get it! Collecting people around you like this is part of what makes your work so beautiful.

DalaHorse said...

Wow Kristi....what a cool're so lucky! So many lovely stones and silver stuffola! The guy who mentored me has a similar look with the beard! Opps gotta run! ♥Sue
off to the movies!