Saturday, November 13, 2010

soon to heal

i've recently been given some incredibly gorgeous raw amethyst beads (i'll give you three guesses who gifted them to me. oh, did you say patty? you are correct!) i came up with a simple, wire-wrapped design for some less expensive necklaces and earrings to sell at the upcoming pub show. i love how they turned out and decided to go ahead and list them on etsy as well.

there is no purple like the purple of raw amethyst. it's a sunset fading, it's windows closed and evening setting in, children fidgeting around the table as god puts his paint brush away, returns it to his cup of water to start the night and our canvas of dreams empty and black. purple is a bruise, proof of injury and healing, the pain of getting better, the under skin sensitive, a telltale sign that you will make it through this, no matter how grandiose and magnificent you've made it to be, how bold and italicized the set back, it's merely that, a slight bump in the road, a diversion.

like the times you'd take scraps of paper as a child and put them in the center of the road where the rain made rivers and you'd follow your boat, straighten it's path, remove obstacles that threatened the integrity of it's hull, occasionally cheating and picking up and moving down and away from shallow waters, a thought and notion followed until the river ended and you were left to walk back up the hill to the beginning, to yourself and thoughts left waiting to be picked up and combed through all over again. you always have to go back. you always start again. you will heal.

amethyst is a stone of healing. like the bruise that you can watch fade away, bit by bit each day, it will help you to know that you are getting better.

i also redid the chain on my california necklace. my little idea with the discs with lyrics on it didn't really work. they kept flipping over and wouldn't lay right. (see it here.)

so i did bars instead. now it is perfect!

today we went for a lovely desert hike.

i will be out in the shop all day tomorrow and will have some new pieces to list for you!

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DalaHorse said...

The remake on the california necklace is so had to be difficult stamping those little bars...but it looks awesome. Really like the new amethyst series too! The desert hike pictures are amazing...the sky so blue.♥Sue