Sunday, November 21, 2010

first ski of the season!

glenn's parents are visiting and they graciously offered to have the girls do a sleepover at their hotel so glenn and i could have a date.

we went up to telluride for a twilight/ full moon ski!

we were very happy.

it was so absolutely wonderful to be skiing again! as you know, there are few things that bring me such happiness. it is one of my very favorite activities. if you've been around this blog for a while, you are probably saying to yourself "oh great. here we go again. everyday, pictures of kristi skiing..." yes, well, i'll try to keep it under control.

i'm not sure who was more delighted, glenn...

or simon.
(sadly, molly can no longer ski with us. her arthritis has gotten really bad and it is sometimes difficult for her just to go for a walk.)

just when we thought we'd have to turn around because it was getting dark, the moon decided to come out after all and we got to go much further than we expected to. afterwards we went out for a beautifully romantic dinner.

thank you so much, ed and kathy!

before we left, i finished some pieces for the upcoming show and the gallery, and some for etsy. i made a bunch of lantern earrings.

"thistled spring"

"bluebird", with aquamarine

"almond", with beautiful, neutral colored botswana agate

these i am selling as a set.

this is a lovely lantern made with a gorgeous botswana agate.

and a "chocolate frosted" one as well.

these will all be making their way into the etsy shop throughout the day (or maybe tonight). i am on my out to the studio for a nice long day!

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