Thursday, November 18, 2010

so i've continued with the smaller, christmas-gift-ish pieces this week. for my upcoming show, for the gallery, and now too for etsy. it's fun! i haven't made these types of pieces for a while now.

sweet little bloom stacks,
in green...

and violet

sweet little bloom trio necklace
with peruvian opal

and another sweet little bloom necklace

all made with teresa's lovely artisan glass flower cabs!
on their way to the etsy shop now...

also, you know arky, in the sidebar over there, off to the right of the screen? well, i ran into him the other day and he said he had loads of silver, just hanging around in his camper, wondered if i needed any, for about half the going rate right now... he's coming over to the shop tomorrow! also, dear patty found a woman on craigslist who is selling LOTS of old silversmithing equipment for a screaming deal so she and i are taking a little mini road trip on sunday to go check it out and hopefully come home with some cool stuff. yay!

1 comment:

marie bell said...

always love to peruse your blog: sweet music serenades me....

the simple little pieces have always been my favourites: glass cabs, rustic silversmithing.