Wednesday, July 20, 2011

blind pilot part 2

so glenn and i had a fabulous date this week. the ever-fabulous patty had the girls over for a sleepover and glenn and i headed to telluride for an overnight.

monday night we went and saw blind pilot (again). this show was spectacular! the sheridan opera house is such an amazing little venue. it is very old and tiny and wonderful. it is a perfect place to see blind pilot; we saw them year two years ago as well.

we car camped that night and woke up here.


we went for a great hike.

but we didn't quite get an early enough start (i sort of like to lounge in the morning when i am camping, drink my coffee, hang out, ya know? glenn is the go-getter and kept encouraging me to get a move on, but oh, well) and the afternoon showers go the best of us.

the wildflowers were fabulous,
a cacophony of color.

even the pinecones were purple.

the reddish peak in the front here, cross mountain, is the one we were supposed to summit.

i am going to leave you with my very first youtube video ever, of blind pilot doing an acoustic version of three rounds and a sound. it was pure magic. and, just as i asked him to when i spoke to him in santa fe, israel dedicated it to my friends doug and casie who were at the show.

we are now heading back up to telluride again. (we've been there a lot this summer.) i am doing the farmer's market on friday and we are staying through the weekend because the deer tick show is monday night! i cannot wait. they will also be playing at the opera house. and, we are bringing lily, who is looking so great. you will hardly recognize her when next you see her.

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