Monday, July 25, 2011

telluride and deer tick

as a sort of last hurrah for the summer (glenn goes back to work on monday), we took the camper up to telluride and camped for five days. we got a spot in the town park campground, right in town, so we could walk everywhere. we had so much fun! and i did the farmer's market on friday which was lovely as always.

of course we rode the gondola, at sunset no less.

and of course daisy came along. we brought just the top half of her cage and moved her around the campsite the whole time, so she continually had fresh dandelions and grass and clover to graze. she was in heaven.

even glenn is entirely smitten with her. he says she is the coolest pet we've ever had.

we colored and played games in the camper.
(see the new curtains? joel dewberry)

my dear friend erik was camped in town park as well. friday night we even had a little impromptu party at our site. lots of friends, old and new were there. we had beer, we played music and there was even a bit of vending because some folks from the campground wanted to check out my jewelry. unfortunately i didn't get any photos of what came to be called "lil' loafer fest 2011" because i was too busy hocking my wares, like a peddler with her trench coat open.

lily was quite the hit in the campground. everyone wanted to check her out.
(note the nearly finished buffing job, the new jack, and the new paint on the wheels and the tongue, not to mention the freshly applied logo.)

my sweeties

and then there was deer tick. hazel made me a tattoo.

it was fabulous. john mccauley is an absolute badass. there were a lot of folks from dolores there and it was so much fun.

here's a video i took. i am starting to like this whole youtube thing.

and, VERY exciting news. glenn and i closed yesterday on a renovation loan for our house. we have lived here for almost ten years and we have outgrown it. (we live in a sweet little two bedroom, one bath home built in 1914.) we will be adding on a master bed/bathroom with a spiral staircase that leads to an office just for me. plus, all new siding on the outside, all new windows in the whole house, and possibly a new front porch. it will be amazing! we are SO excited!

and, in other exciting news, the oh-so-amazingly-fabulous patty has done it again. she found some guy in albuquerque who is selling his antique casting equipment and we are heading down there tomorrow to pick it up! i can't wait to try it out!


6512 and growing said...

That looks so fun, Kristi. What a great end-of-season trip!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

it was awesome, rachel. though now that construction has begun on our house, we are thinking that was hardly the last trip of the season!